Pokemon Go Release Date Update

Hey there!

Hope you have been keeping yourself warm and not catching a cold during this winter season. We would like to provide an update from our supplier for the upcoming Pokemon Trading Card Game Pokemon Go release. Please refer to the below for release dates and reference to the product.

If you have yet to place a preorder, please feel free to place one today.

Please be reminded as well that we are about to go on leave from this Saturday 2nd of July to Sunday 28th August (see announcement here), all orders placed after 1st of July will be processed when we return at the end of August.

Customers who are affected by this have been contacted individually. Please reach out if you have yet to receive an email from us (please check your junk/spams inbox first). Don’t forget to let us know if you have recently moved so that we can update your delivery details!

Take care and we’ll be back soon!

TCG Collectors

Pokemon TCG: GO Mini TinRelease Date: 19.08.22

Pokemon TCG: GO Gift TinRelease Date: 26.08.22 (TBC)

Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Special Team CollectionRelease Date: 31.08.22

Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Premium Collection Radiant EeveeRelease Date: 08.07.22

Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Elite Trainer BoxRelease Date: 04.08.22

Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Collection Alolan Exeggutor VRelease Date: 08.07.22

Pokemon GO V Battle Deck Mewtwo V & Melmetal VRelease Date: 19.08.22

Pokemon TCG: GO Pokeball TinRelease Date: 26.08.22 (TBC)

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