What should I do with my graded cards?

You can either store your graded cards away and wait for its value to go up or you can take advantage of our resell service below.

Heres whats good about it.

Hassle Free

We will sell, pack and ship the card for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax and wait for payment to come through

Leave Us The Hardwork

We know you’re busy, let us do the research for you before listing the cards for sale.

Small Fee

For each item sold, we will take 3.5% service fee + payment transaction fee + shipping cost

Fully Insured

Don’t worry about scammers or losing your card during transit as we will have your order covered.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Send us your graded cards.

As each graded card has its own identification number, your card will not be mixed with other customers.

Step 2 – We will be in touch

Once we have received your card(s) we will be in touch to discuss pricing (your preference or by market price) and listing options (30/60/90 days).

Step 3 – When your card sells

We will organise shipping to the customer and transfer payment to you (less service, transaction and shipping fee)

Why list with us?

  • With over 15,000 new visits each month, our website will increase the chance of your card being sold.
  • We will market your card via different channels such as web, social and digital marketing.
  • We are an official business with positive feedbacks on Google review
  • Most importantly, its hassle free!

View our latest PSA/BGS cards below

Get your raw cards graded

Getting your cards graded gives it an official confirmation of value as raw cards value may vary depending on the viewer’s perspective of card condition. Having your cards graded also gives it an extra layer of protection, instead of being stored within card sleeves and top loader, it is sealed within a plastic case.

The beauty of this idea is that we keep the collection in the local community instead of losing out to overseas on online marketplaces. Less risk and hassle free for those who don’t have the time to research where we are exposed to more risk.


What happens if my card doesn’t sell?

If your card doesn’t sell by the time it reaches our agreement (30/60/90 days), it can be returned back to you free of charge!

My raw cards were graded through your PSA submission service, can I get a discount when I list them with you?

If you had your raw cards graded through our PSA/BGS Submission Service, you will receive a complimentary discount (1.75% service fee) when you list your card with us.

Can I set any price I want for the cards?

Generally, we recommend setting a realistic price if you want the item to sell successfully.

How much is transaction fee?

Depending on what payment method the customer went with while purchasing your card, the fee will vary between 3%-5%

How much is shipping then?

Depending on the number of cards purchased, shipping will vary between $6.50 – $10.50.