Press Release

TCG Collectors is writing today in response to a recent incident regarding the arrival of a damaged order. We would like to extend our apologies to the affected customer in relation of the situation. It is in our best interest to deliver goods at its best condition in a protected manner.

  1. Quality of our Products
    • We promise and guarantee that all our product have conditions as marked on each TCG singles product listing (card condition: near mint/ excellent/ damaged etc).
  2. Returns & Refunds
    • In the event where an order arrives damaged, we strongly encourage customers to speak to us directly so that we may quickly action to help resolve the matter.
    • Reaffirming our refund process, where returns must remain sealed and all associated gifts with purchased must be returned aswell. Refunds will only be issued once items have been returned, accepted, and audited by our third party service provider.
  3. Improvements on Packaging
    • With this incident, we reserve the right to pursue all compensation due to damages caused by the carrier company.
    • We will work closely and communicate with our delivery partner to resolve any damage caused during transit.
    • We will also improve and install appropriate the process of our products, packaging, returns service and delivery insurance option.

  4. Resolution to the Matter
    • We would like to apologies for not being clear on our return & refund processes. We have taken responsibility to the result of the above and have proceeded with a refund to the affected individual. Once again, we would like to reemphasize that our products have associated card condition marked on its listing.
    • Moving forward, we will adhere to the process of returns & refunds process without exceptions.

  5. Extending our Invitations
    1. We have been working hard over the past 2.5 years of operations and have been learning through feedback from our customers. We would like to invite our customers in continuing to audit our service.

We would like to reemphasize on our store’s belief, in providing quality in our products, packaged with care, and delivering service with passion and sincerity.

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