Get to know the next Gigantic Pikachu!

Pikachu VMAX

First time in history, Pikachu comes in a VMAX design. This gigantic Pikachu deals up to 270 damage when you detach all energies. A whooping damage of 120 can be done aswell even if you don’t discard any energies.

Evolving from Pikachu V

You can attach up to 2 lightning energies with your first move or deal 200 damage using your second move and discard 3 energies

Other cards to expect from the series

Retrieve all discarded energies!

Using Electrode’s ability, you can retrieve all discarded energies! This technique can be used repeatedly aswell! How convenient!

New cards to pay attention to in the new set! Check out the all new VMAX!

Whoa this Pokemon deals 20x damage on opponent’s bench Pokemons

As long as this card remains in play, you can V-evolve Pokemon V to Pokemon VMAX and recover the HP of the Pokemon VMAX by “100”!

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