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Just recently we have launched our own Magnetic Acrylic Storage Case for Dragon Ball Super Card Game booster boxes. Our next release are our very own Aluminium PSA/BGS storage case!

Made for all PSA/BGS enthusiasts!

Each storage case is made of aluminium casing with protective foam interior, featuring two pad lockable clapse with easy press and pull latches. Ideal for keeping your collection safe and secure while making it easy for transport. Provides basic shock-proof, dust-proof, water-proof and fire-proof.

Small – fits 35+ PSA cards or 22+ BGS cards
Medium – fits 75+ PSA cards or 44+ BGS cards

A serious must-have for all serious card collectors!

Preorder yours below!

Special Offer!

For a limited time only, you and your friend can both enjoy 50% off your purchase of our PSA/BGS Aluminium Storage Case! Head over to our Facebook to find out more!

PSA/BGS Aluminium Storage CaseMade for all PSA/BGS enthusiasts! Each storage case is made of aluminium casing with…

Posted by TCG Collectors on Saturday, 29 August 2020

Steps to take part of the offer:

1. Share our Facebook post with a friend either as newsfeed and tag them or share via inbox, whichever way works for you
2. Take a screenshot of the message shared
3. Send us a message along with the screenshot and email addresses of you and your friend so we can provide you the 50% off promocode.

Offer ends Monday 14 September 2020. While stocks last!
Stock available in October 2020.

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