DBS 2020 Anniversary Box Sneak Peak!

Releasing on the 7th August 2020, heres our first look at whats inside an Anniversary Box.

From the official Dragon Ball Super Card Game website, we know that each Anniversary box comes with the following:

  • 96 cards total!!
  • Special Anniversary Set 2020 (35 new cards x 2 = 70 cards total included)
  • Special Anniversary Pack 2020 x 2 (Includes 5 random foil cards from 35 new cards + 1 new card = 36 types total to collect)
  • Vault Power Up Pack 2020 x 4 (20 alt-art reprints)
  • 1 set of sleeves(66 pcs) x1 (4 designs to collect)
  • Storage box x1 (4 designs to collect)

We’ve opened the box with Majin Vegeta artwork (just because it looks wayyyy cooler than Goku). Heres a closer look of the box artwork.

Front (Top)
Back (Bottom)
Whats inside the box when you open it

From top left, you have the Special Anniversary Set 2020 and on the right a pack of card sleeves (66 pcs). Bottom left are the four alternate-art reprints and the special anniversary pack promos.

Lets have a look at the alt-art reprints

Sadly we didnt get the shiny rare version of the familial bonds, it was probably the card we liked most. But the rare Broly sure looks nice!

Finally lets have a look at the new anniversary box cards

5 random foil cards from 35 new cards + 1 new card = 36 types total to collect

Hope you’ve enjoyed the sneak peak of the Dragon Ball 2020 Anniversary Box. You can purchase each box separately or in a case via the links below.

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