Pokemon Release Update

Its been more than a year since the TCG community has suffered from COVID impact. With reduced capacity from manufacturing, shipping and wholesaling, stock supply fails to meet the full demand from the community. This has also contributed to the influx of price as more people poured their money into Pokemon and other TCG products. However, we can see Pokemon and wholesalers addressing issues such as the promised of re-printing modern products and delivering products in waves. Ideally, this should help ease demand instead of having the launch of a series pushed back.

Unfortunately, this is never the case. As more people poured money into TCG, more sole traders have jumped on board becoming a TCG reseller themselves, which meant what was already a scarce supply of products is being shared by even more retailers. Due to this, more stores have experienced cut-backs on allocations, causing mismatch in fulfilling preorders. To counter the effects, some stores have opted-in to not accepting preorders to avoid preorder cancellations. Others release a percentage of their preorder prior to release and the rest when allocations have been confirmed.

Despite all the background issues going on in the supply side, Pokemon is still thriving amongst consumers. Items are still being snapped off the shelf without much marketing push. Here are some updates to the latest Pokemon set, please see release dates below.

Chilling Reign Releases

Chilling Reign Booster Box – Instock now
Chilling Reign Build & Battle Box – Arriving this week
Chilling Reign Elite Trainer Box – Mid July
Chilling Reign Three Pack Blister – Mid August

We’re still waiting on allocation confirmation for Evolving Skies. Until we have confirmation, we are unable to take preorders unfortunately 🙁

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