Releasing on the 17th July! Unison Warriors

New cards, new mechanics! Let’s take a look at the Unison Warrior series! Featuring some of the wildest characters in Dragon Ball history! A new era of DBSCG is at hand! Coming in June 2020!

Feature Items

Marker Skills Costs
Marker Skills Costs have numbers indicated by the number in the (X). You can activate skills on Unison Cards by adding or removing markers equal to the amount specified. Example: To use a (-2) skill, remove two markers from the card. Skills with Marker Skill Costs can only be activated once per turn. Once they activate and resolve, you can’t activate any other skills with Marker Skill Costs on that card for the turn.

Unison Cards
A type of card. When a card refers to a Unison Card, assume that it’s referring to a Unison Card in a Unison Area. When you play a Unison Card, you place a number of markers on it equal to the energy cost you paid to play it. Once per turn, you may place a Unison Card from your hand under the Unison Card in play if they both have the same card number. If you do, add a marker to the Unison Card in play. When a Unison Card runs out of markers, it is placed in its owner’s Drop Area.

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