Digimon Vital Bracelet + Dim Card, what are they?

For those who have been following Digimon news should know by now that Premium Bandai Japan will be releasing 3 sets of Digimon Vital Bracelets that allows you to sync your everyday activities with your partner Digimon.

So what are they? Watch VDO below to find out.

So its basically like a FitBit that logs your heartrate and steps to make your Digimon grow/evolve (a step-up from the Pendulum.)

Pulse Link- State of the digimon (Development and evolution) change based on your activity
Touch Link- ‘auto battles’ are activated by touching to devices equipped with nfc
App Log Link- Smartphone sync features via an app, including records, missions, raised digimon, pictures, rankings, etc.

Preorder Yours below

Growth Chart of Pulsemon

the new character being introduced with the Vital Bracelet,

Early preorders will also receive a Black Roar Dim Card. This Dim Card lets you raise a Botamon all the way up to BlackWarGreymon.

Here are some FAQs regarding the Vital Bracelet

Q: Is it waterproof?
A: No

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: Battery usage is 18 hours while active. Requires 4 hours to fully charge batteries.

Q: How do you clean the LED and bracelet band?
A: Soft/Dry towel will do. Alcohol wipes not reccomended

Q: How many times can you use a Dim Card?
A: Each Dim Card can only be registered with 1 Vital Bracelet, so it cannot be reused on an alternative device

Here are some FAQs regarding the APP

Q: When is the APP releasing?
A: mid-March

Q: What is the APP’s device support?
A: Android (NFC, Android 8.0+), iPhone (NFC, iOS13+). *no support for iPad as it lacks NFC support.

Here are some FAQs regarding file saving

Q: Can the app save?
A: The app does not have auto saving capabilities. It saves only when performing file transfer

Q: How do I transfer Digimon from APP to Vital Bracelet?
A: You will need the Vital Bracelet and the Digimon’s Dim Card

Q: Do I need to login?
A: When you use the APP, you will need a BNID (

Q: Can I restore my APP data?
A: You can only restore saved data that is linked to a BNID

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