Custom 3D cut-outs, is it a thing?

What is a custom 3D cut-out?

A 3D cut-out is when we stack a couple of trading cards of the same artwork together and have different parts cut out to create depth within its artwork. It takes hours to complete and precision on the eye to ensure correct areas are cut out properly.

A definite neat piece to add to the collection! Bringing your favourite card to life!

Can I get you to custom 3D cut-out cards for me?

Yes, we can create custom 3D cut-outs for you. However you are required to supply us the number of cards available and the cost of each cut out is $60 AUD + postage to you.

If the card you wish to create comes in several editions, we suggest to provide 1 copy of the expensive (1st edition for example) and several other editions (unlimited or reprints) to save on cost.

See it in action below!

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